Drew Fralick

Hilarious. Loveable. Friendly.

RLB: Real life broadcasting

Life in the office, it is dull. Spending hours making an excel sheet under the crushing fluorescent lights. Endless paperwork. Endless bureaucracy. But what if ordinary life had all the extraordinary excitement of a live major sports event?


Co-written and starring Drew and Laurie Fralick, #OUTRAGED is a hilarious and thought provoking look at our misplaced anger and how we engage the world around us. Part of the proceeds will go to support Eden Jewellery - an organisation with sites around Asia helping women who have been trafficked.

Laurie Fralick is a trained actor and singer. She will be featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year in the show 'Snow Queen' playing at Guilded Balloon Aug 4-28th in Edinburgh UK. Laurie also runs the Shanghai Branch of Eden Jewellery, helping local women come out of the red light districts and find a new life.

Drew Fralick is a stand-up comedian, winner of the 2015 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition, and a Wolverine Lake native. He will be featured this July at the Laugh Factory in LA, Punchline Comedy Club in SF, Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK