Drew Fralick

Hilarious. Loveable. Friendly.


Working a dead-end job in a dirty and dangerous factory in central China, Drew longed for a life in which he could do something good for the world. Through a series of unlikely events he finds himself as the lone counselor on the wards of China’s largest state-run psychiatric hospital, as well as thrust into the middle of an emerging comedy scene in a country where free expression is often banned.


From the midst of a spiritual and emotional crisis, he confronts the demons that brought him to China in the first place. Combining all the analytical powers of stand-up comedian and counselor, he discards the narratives of his childhood to find something new.


Both laugh out loud funny and profoundly sad, I Hung My Harp on the Willow Tree tells the story of one man’s disillusionment with the world and finding hope in the strangest of places.